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Asuncion, Paraguay
January 1, 2011
Audience: 30,000
Project development timeframe: 2 months

The experience in Argentina was replicated in the Republic of Paraguay. After an intense period of study and historical research guided by a local advisory committee, we produced an audiovisual piece that initiated for the opening of the Bicentennial year. This piece reflected the cultural values of Paraguay.


Client: the National Bicentennial Commission
Executive Secretary: Daisy De Codas Moselli

Advisory council art by Carlo Spatuzza
Historical Archive in Paraguay: Adriana Bonnin
General coordination in Paraguay: Carmen Rosa Amarilla

Overall production of the event: Venue Brand Experience

Joaquín Marqués
Francisco Alcaro
Esteban Sapir

Executive Producer: ladobleA
Production: Emiliano Riasol

Audio Manager:
Juan Pablo Alcaro

Music by:
Ramiro Flores
Juan Pablo Alcaro

Mixed and Mastered at Santa Cecilia Sound

Post Producer: Sebastián Contreras
Art Director: Romina Del Prete
Assistant Directors: Agustín Pedro Alcaro

Scheduler mapping tools: Nahuel Sauza

The 2nd Assistant Directors: Cristian Holzmann
Art Assistant: Germán Naglieri
Production Assistant: Guido Guzzetti

Director and 3D photography: Paul Brancatella
3D Director and Composer: Alejandro Hernandez
Motion Graphics: Luciano Machi
Motion Graphics: Sebastian Romero
Motion Graphics: Jeremiah Garritano
Motion Graphics: María Luz Riegelhaupt
Mattepaint: Roxana Vazquez
Photo Retouching: María José Sánchez Chiappe
Director of Photography on Shooting: Leo Aguinaga

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